Fall Creek Massacre - Markleville, Madison County, Indiana. First time in US history that white men were subjected to capital punishment for the murder of Native Americans.

History & 1876 Maps


Family Style Chicken Dinner and 30 different pies to chose from yes please! <3 Shipshewana , Indiana

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May 30, 1911. The Indianapolis 500 auto race is run for the first time. Ray Harroun is the winner.

Indy 500: The Early Years - SI.com Photos


100 Years, 500 Miles: A History of the Indianapolis 500 by the Photographers and Writers who have Chronicled the Race for the Indianapolis Star Since 1911 by indystar.com

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bob and tom show -

Bob And Tom Show Pictures


Georgetown Drive-In on State Road 64 in Georgetown, Indiana.

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Hobbit state park

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Upper Falls, Cataract State Park, Indiana; photo by Joseph

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Stepp Cemetery in Indiana, known to be a scary place, was founded by a cult. It has numerous reports of hauntings including a woman who took her own life after digging up her dead baby.

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JW Marriott building in Indianapolis during Super Bowl XLVI festivities, 2012.

Super Bowl XLVI and Indianapolis Are a Smashing Success


Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis... so proud of my city!!

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SUPER BOWL - 2012 in Indianapolis!!!

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Fans line up outside Market Square Arena to purchase tickets for Elvis in 1977 his last performance.

10 times Indy lost it because of a hot music act


The old jail in Marion Indiana, reputedly haunted. Site of shameful lynching in the 1930's...

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The 9/11 Teardrop Memorial - I had no clue this poignant memorial existed. It was a gift to America from the country of Russia and is dedicated "To the Struggle Against World Terrorism." It is in Manhattan, NY. Around the base of The Teardrop were the names of all those who died on 9/11 – including 26 Russians.

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Where US immigrants come from, state by state today and a century ago

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the first state road in Indiana,

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#Indiana's state flower is the Peony. What's your state flower? http://pinterest.com/hometalk/hometalk-state-flowers/

✿ Hometalk State Flowers ✿


#Indiana State Bird

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December 11, 1816 - The territory of Indiana is admitted into the United States of America as the 19th state.

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Indiana History

Indiana History


Map of the Indiana State Highway System February 1933 :: Indiana State Library Map Collection

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ryan white - 12/ 6/1971 4/8/1990 teen from Kokomo, In. became a poster child for HIV/AIDS after being expelled from school because of his infection. Hemophiliac he became infected with HIV from contaminated blood. Diagnosed Dec 1984, & given 6 months to live. Drs said he posed no risk to other students, AIDS was poorly understood then, & when he tried to return to school, many parents & teachers rallied against his attendance. He lived 5 years longer than predicted & died 4/1990

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I still remember all the wonderful colors of Fall time in Indiana..

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Pepsi Coliseum, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fairgrounds Coliseum on AroundIndy.com