MONSTER MUD (This is used for making Halloween props, in case you wonder)

Love this stuff, create your monster base, cover in burlap or old clothes and cover them in this mud. Monster Mud Recipe - Joint Compound tinted with Latex Paint & "whipped" using a Drill Mixer attachment.

the donut eating game looks like fun for kids

Best Kids Parties: Halloween

Ready to throw a Halloween party that’s a graveyard smash? The secret is to mix things up with too-cool-for-ghouls activities and games. From scavenger hunts to ghost bowling, read on for 10 easy ideas that will delight little goblins and grownups.

Ma, we're out of toilet paper!!!

Ma, we're out of toilet paper! This would be cute but sitting in the spare bath tub!

Pumpkin art party! what a fun Halloween idea -- Click to see how neat the decorated pumpkins look

pumpkin decorating with children

The ultimate toddler Halloween party For small children, no carving involved, pumpkin decorating party.

Fun treats for fall party

Spider Candy

Home Living Center - Lollipop Spiders Love these cute and easy to make spider lollipops for Halloween party favors. All you need is a lollipop, black pipe cleaners, some wiggly eyes and glue! Credit: Philippa @ House of Baby Piranha