A Natural Witch

tentxcity: ““Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street © Sergei Sarakhanov ” This has got to be one of the best photos I’ve seen in a while. ” - tentxcity: Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from.

20's Dancer -  Photo by Atelier D'Ora. @Deidra Brocké Wallace

Art Deco ~ Barbette aka Vander Clyde, American Female Impersonator, High Wire Performer, Trapeze Artist ~ Photo by Atelier d` Ora


Her style,the way she didn’t give a dam about what people though of her,her voice,they way she would talk,her big hair i loved.When I was going through my hard time Back To Black alubm was all I listined to.She was AMAZING R.

// frida

Rare and Beautiful Portraits of Young Frida Kahlo by Her Father Guillermo Kahlo, Frida in men's clothing, 1926

1920's Vanity

Thalia Barbarova, from the book Decades of Fashion by Harriet Worsley. "Opulent brocade shawls like the one on actress Thalia Barbarova's chair were popular, with some of the more opulent coming from France." Plus, giant perfume bottles = glamor.

Annie Oakley....

Annie Oakley (August 1860 – November born Phoebe Ann Moses - American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter.