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Roberta Mittman
New York City / Personal Revolution Coach || Licensed Acupuncturist
Roberta Mittman
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How to Detoxify your Lymphatic System and Why You Should.

**castor oil applied on lower abdomen and echinacea**The improper drainage of the lymphatic system, results in an impaired immune system, or even tumors in the lymph nodes. Lymphatic Drainage: How to Detoxify your Lymphatic System and Why You Should

How to support thyroid function with gentle detox

How to Support Thyroid Function with Gentle Detox - This Turmeric Ginger Detox Green Tea recipe is so great to support Thyroid Function with Gentle Detox!

22 Detox Soups!

A detox soup takes many of the healthiest ingredients possible and puts them together in one pot. They usually involve pureeing or blending the vegetables up, or at the very least chopping them into bite-sized pieces. This makes the soup easy to digest so

Get the skinny on skin brushing and give your body a smooth detox.

Skin Brushing: The Detox You Aren’t Doing But Should . Skin brushing involves using a special brush to slough away dead skin and exfoliate in a manner that has been linked to reduce toxins, promote energy, and reduce cellulite.

A recent clinical trial has found favorable results when treating obese patients with ear acupuncture. Stimulating ear acupuncture points to lose weight.

Auriculotherapy also known as Ear Acupuncture is another best way to cure our body for any pain. In theory, our ear has a rich nerve and blood supply;