Conheça o açougue Feed, novo espaço para carne bovina premium em SP

Los nombres de los cortes de #carne en Argentna-Chile-Mexico-España via @Sabrosía

A great infographic for when you're traveling in or and want to understand the meat cuts listed on the Spanish menu.

Despiece vacuno

beef cuts are just different bits of the cow

Carne de dordero, corte y despiece

Carne de cordero, corte y despiece

Carne de cerdo, corte y despiece

Carne de cerdo, corte y despiece

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Cortes de pescado, atún

Cortes de pescado, atún

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Asado Steak, como escoger el corte para tu asado

Make sure you pick the right cut for the occasion with our handy steak infographic guide.

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