Paul Newman. Sewing

Paul Newman - looks like he's sewing his jacket! Always good to know how to take care of things all by yourself! Good mother & good wife - by the way - my husband could cook and sew, too!

Les Paul and Paul McCartney

Les Paul and Paul McCartney. Primarily known as a bass player, Paul McCartney also played lead electric guitar on his instrument of choice, the Gibson Les Paul.

Jessica Lange, Paris, 1974

Jessica Lange was a VIXEN ! superseventies: “ Jessica Lange polaroid by Antonio Lopez.

Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni and Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey for Vogue Us 1963

Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni & Jean Shrimpton, photographed by David Bailey for Vogue, 1963

marilyn monroe, photographed by andré de dienes

Marilyn Monroe, photographed by andré de dienes - I feel like this should be called Norma Jean


One of the greatest, most badass fight in history. The "Thrilla in Manila" (the name ascribed to the final fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier).

dali and harpo

Salvador Dali Harpo Marx for their creativity.Dali gave Harpo a harp with barbed wire strings.

Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman-(born 15 May is a British cartoonist and caricaturist who is perhaps best known for his work with American author Hunter S.