What does the moon look like at night? --> Lunar Eclipse by Sam Javanrouh - 61 photos of the December 2010 Lunar eclipse taken in 2 minutes intervals (selected from hundreds of shots from a timelapse series). Started at to EST in Toronto.


The scale of planets and stars - Puts things in perspective - funny how the smaller of those stars is more likely to live the longest. Really puts thing in perspective


Jupiter looks legit

spaceexp: A montage of New Horizons images of Jupiter and its volcanic moon Io, taken during the spacecraft’s Jupiter flyby in early The image shows a major eruption in progress on Io’s night side, at the northern volcano Tvashtar

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Funny pictures about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Oh, and cool pics about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Also, Space Shuttle breaching the clouds photos.

lampara planetas

I LOVE this idea! My favorite decor items are globes and maps, and this “chandelier” made of 15 world globes is amazing. It's a high piece of art, made by Benoit Vieubled and called “Monde à l’endroit, Monde à l’envers”.


Pilot Felix Baumgartner of Austria is seen before his jump during the first manned test flight for Red Bull Stratos on March 2012 in Roswell, New Mexico. In this test he reach the altitude 21800 meters ft) and landed safely near Roswell


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whoever draws or thinks of outer space as solid black with white stars, obviously hasn't seen true space. It's amazing

storm on Saturn

Via Catching Its Tail July 2011 The huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturn's northern hemisphere overtakes itself as it encircles the planet in this true-color view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.


What house does Mercury influence in your birth chart? Mercury in natal chart and how the planet affects your life.mercury in house personal astrology.


Earth Day 2012

A picture from the International Space Station, provided Saturday by Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, shows southern lights between Antarctica and Australia. Photo by Reuters / Andre Kuiper / ESA / Nasa / Press Release


” — Niels Bohr The last 10 years can be described as a the “decade of Mars” in space explora…


A series of work that spans two years of my essence as a traveler.


Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars Credit: Viking Project, Explanation: The largest canyon in the Solar System cuts a wide swath across the face of Mars. Named Valles Marineris, the grand.


Female space helmet - the original sub. How can a space helmet be a female space helmet?