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Do you know what are we eating?

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Snooki tweeted her weight loss secret is Zantrex-3. This is an amazing fat burning weight loss supplement used by many super stars including Britney Spears. Zantrex-3 allows you to lose weight WITHOUT the need for a diet or exercise program. Please go back and read that line again – just in case you missed its significance!

Snooki, who probably has a promotional deal with Zantrex-3, talked exclusively to Star magazine about her success with the drug. She supplemented the high doses of caffeine with self-motivated workouts which consists of: “at least an hour of cardio, and then I probably do 2,000 crunches. I also work my butt with the exercise balls and do strength training.”

Snooki admits she's using diet pills to lose weight

Snooki: Before she got pregnant, Snooki slimmed down to just 98 pounds (hey, she's a small girl). She discussed the specifics of her new diet and exercise plan with us here, suggesting yogurt for breakfast (she also likes egg whites), fruit for lunch, and a healthy meal of chicken, rice, and broccoli for dinner. Plus, lots of cardio, including fun classes like Zumba.

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Slim Snooki reveals weight loss secret - While she has been working out and cutting back on food and alcohol, she has also been using Zantrex-3 Fat Burner and the company put out photos this week showcasing Snooki's slimmer figure. Snooki also tweeted that she is a paid spokesperson for the product and recently said the drug gives her "energy to work out."

Slim Snooki reveals weight loss secret

How did Snooki get so thin, so fast after giving birth to Lorenzo LaValle? Recently, we rounded up what we knew of Snooki's post-pregnancy health habits. Now, Snooks herself has tweeted about how she lost the weight — and it's exactly what we thought!

Snooki Confirms the Secret to Her Post-Baby Weight Loss

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I've been heavy Snooki and pregnant to lose the last of my weight to be thin Snooki!

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Snooki Looks Skinny on September 17, 2012

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