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This is the Focus Poster by Rob Loukotka #graphic #design #abstract

Geometric inspiration for quilts "'Focus' Poster Design. A nice combination of photography/tone and geometric shape. Rob Loukotka of Fringe Focus.

I really like the way the colours subtly compliment one another and the way the lines create different vision paths across the image. Your eyes are lead one way and then carried another creating individual journeys.

This is The Creatorial. Photography, Fashion, Illustration and Design from The Creatorial s perspective. All Photographs and Designs done by Shane Small unless stated otherwise.

i really like the layout for the images and feel like that everything is easy to look at even though the pattern for the layout is quite busy

MoodBoard // Sunday Design Studio // I think this is a neat twist on a grid in the designer's choice to turn the grid on an angle and make it diagonal and only breaking it once with the circle.