The Corn Poppy - Kees van Dongen, c. 1919

Kees Van Dongen, Le Coquelicot (The Corn Poppy), c. Oil on canvas 21 x 18 in Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Ana Pez

An illustration for Kazumbo Teatro, a theatre group, for one of its puppet´s plays, by Ana Pez

jane desrosier

the art room plant: Jane DesRosier I patterned portraits reminiscent of Klimt

Girl And A Boy By Claire Desjardins (Anthropologie is selling original paintings on their web site. It's great to see a major retailer supporting original art.)

A GIRL & A BOY Claire Desjardins is a fine artist working in Quebec, whose interest in graffiti, street art and abstract expressionism is apparent in the vibrant colors and forms of her work.