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Civil War Quilts: Accurate Quilting Frames for Civil War Re-enactors

Accurate Quilting Frames for Civil War Re-enactors

Also known as the “Princess of Altai,” this 2,500-year-old woman was discovered in Siberia in 1993. Although the meaning of the tattoos that stretch down her arms are uncertain, the deer theme is repeated on her tree trunk coffin. The headdress she was wearing and the grave goods entombed with her imply a high status. The cold Russian steppes preserved her delicate skin as well as her bones

Top 10 Features of Women Over 1,000 Years Old -

Roman Soldier, sword still strapped by his side, killed instantly by the surge cloud of Vesuvius Eruption

Eruption timeline


Most people know about Nazca Lines however another, less known, unexplained mystery in Peru is located near Pisco Valley on a plain called Cajamarquilla. Thousands of man-sized holes are carved into the barren rock. These strange holes, stretching for a mile over uneven mountain terrain, were here for so long that the local people have no idea who made them, or why. Funny thing is no one really saw the big picture until the area was seen from the air. - Band of Holes near Pisco Valley, Peru

Thousands of man-sized holes are carved into the barren rock near Pisco Valley, Peru on a plain called Cajamarquilla...

Band of Holes near Pisco Valley, Peru

Sacred Valley, Peru

Iron guntlet from a mass grave, battle of Visby, fought in July 1361 on the Swedish Baltic island of Gotland, between invading Danish troops and the local, Gutnish, forces. The Danish won a decisive victory. Due to the heat, the dead had to be disposed of quickly, and many were buried in their armour. The archaeological excavation of one of the mass graves, in the 1930s, revealed over 1000 skeletons.

Boston Massacre by scarlet_bd, via Flickr

An oblong crystal found in the wreck of a 16th-century English warship is a sunstone, a near-mythical navigational aid said to have been used by Viking mariners

Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII: David Starkey

Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII: David Starkey: 8601300071381: Books

An oblong crystal found in the wreck of a 16th-century English warship is a sunstone, a near-mythical navigational aid said to have been used by Viking mariners

The oldest door in Britain in Westminster Abbey -A 900-year-old door was put in place in the 1050s, during the reign of the Abbey's founder, Edward the Confessor. The door, which measures 6.5ft by 4ft, was made from one tree which probably grew between AD 924 and 1030. Simon Thurley, of English Heritage, said: "It is incredible to think that when the door was made the Norman Conquest had not yet happened and William of Normandy was still a young man of about 20." That's pretty cool.

Old London Town - London, United Kingdom Travel Blog

An Ancient City Is Discovered Underwater. What They Found Will Change History Forever - The city of Heracleion was engulfed underwater 1500 years ago. Read more at December 1, 2013 Read more at

Ancient Iran Museum, Tehran - Assyrian Sculpture

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X marks the spot....... page from the 8th century Irish text the Cadmug-Codex

Hochschul und Landesbibliothek Fulda - Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Maps (DMMmaps)

Undressed funeral effigy of Catherine de Valois, Queen of England. Henry V's queen died in 1437. Her grandson King Henry VII made major alterations to Westminster Abbey, which involved moving her embalmed body. She was placed in a crude coffin constructed of flimsy boards, and was left above ground. Catherine remained a public spectacle in the Abbey for over 200 years.

Nisa (also Parthaunisa) was an ancient city, located near modern-day Bagir village, 18 km northwest of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The fortress at Nisa was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007

Nabta, Egypt is the oldest known site with astronomically aligned stones. Over one thousand years before the creation of Stonehenge, people built a stone circle and other structures on the shoreline of a lake that has since dried up. Over 6,000 years ago, stone slabs three meters high were dragged over a kilometer to create the site.

Unknown language found stamped in ancient clay tablet In deciphering the tablet seen above, John MacGinnis of the University of Cambridge found that many of the names on the list are not from any currently known ancient language. “One or two are actually Assyrian and a few more may belong to other known languages of the period, such as Luwian or Hurrian,” he says, “but the great majority belong to a previously unidentified language.”

Contrary to what some people believe I don't own the idea of posting old photos from the Life Magazine Archives, but I do enjoy doing it, so here comes another set. These are combined under the tag Kansas Wheat and where taken in 1939. Some of the faces on these photos look like there were taken straight out of some Jimmy Stewart movie. Here is a page about the flour sack dresses.

Old Photos: Kansas Wheat - KC & Russian Accent

Not far from the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu lies Sacsayhuaman, a strange embankment of stone walls located just outside of Cuzco. The series of three walls was assembled from massive 200-ton blocks of rock and limestone, and they are arranged in a zigzag pattern along the hillside. The longest is roughly 1000 feet in length and each stands some fifteen feet tall. The monument is in astonishingly good condition for its age, especially considering the region’s propensity for earthquakes.

Top 10 Mysterious World Landmarks -

Joseph White Cow Bull. Died 1942. According to David Miller's Book "Custer's Fall" this is the Indian that killed George Armstrong Custer.

Amber beads (Viking Age)

Historical Military Uniforms from the last 1,000 years- really interesting to look through.