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Edgar Allan Poe poses with Abraham Lincoln in Mathew Brady’s Washington, D.C. studio- February 4th, 1849. WAT

Portrait of six generations of African American women, Selma, AL, 1893.

What a beautiful photograph. 1800's

This may be one of 30 pieces of silver Judas betrayed Jesus for

Orkney's World Heritage Site - The Standing Stones o' Stenness, looking towards the Ring o' Brodgar, Scotland. (Picture: Craig Taylor)

Orkney's UNESCO World Heritage Site

Divers off Israel coast stumble across nearly 2,000 gold coins buried for 1,000 years.

This bone fishhook was found several years ago in a cultivated field on the Cahokia Mounds Historic site. It was found in a cache of six or seven other fishhooks. This fishhook appears to be made from deer bone and possibly the toe bone of a deer. An estimated date for this fishhook is somewhere between A.D. 900 to A.D. 1300. Fishhooks have been found on Mississippi, Woodland and Archaic sites. Bone fishhooks 8,000 to 9,000 years old were found in Nebraska (Wormington, 1957: 138).

The Week's Top Story: Scientists Have Mapped Ötzi the Iceman's Tattoos: @CarlJamesKing

Medieval knight found underneath a parking lot in Edinburgh

The Tărtăria tablets are three tablets, discovered in 1961 by archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa at a Neolithic site in the village of Tartaria (about 30 km (19 mi) from Alba Iulia in Romania. The tablets, dated to around 5300 BC, bear incised symbols - the Vinca symblods and have been the subject of considerable controversy among archaeologists, some of whom claim that the symbols represent the earliest known form of writing in the world.

George Dalgleish, Keeper of Scottish History and Archaeology at National Museums Scotland, introduces a collection that spans Scottish culture from the earliest times to present day.

Introducing the Scottish History and Archaeology collection

The British Library has announced that it has successfully acquired the St Cuthbert Gospel, a miraculously well-preserved 7th century manuscript that is the oldest European book to survive fully intact and therefore one of the world’s most important books. The £9 million purchase price for the Gospel has been secured following the largest and most successful fundraising campaign in the British Library’s history.

Stunning face hidden for thousands of years: The wooden sarcophagus was unearthed by a team of archaeologists from the University of Jaen, in Spain, who have been carrying out digs at at the necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa in Aswan, Egypt since 2008.

Queen Elizabeth and her times a series of original letters, selected from the inedited private correspondence of the lord treasurer Burghley, the Earl of Leicester, the secretaries Walsingham and Smith, Sir Christopher Hatton, and most of the distinguished persons of the period. READ ONLINE

Queen Elizabeth and her times;

British uniform during the American War of Independence (Revolutionary War).

File:British uniform by Matthew Bisanz.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

An old Norwegian troll.

READ the 'Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII', online, from British History Online

BBC History - Henry VIII

This is the first known photograph of the American flag taken on June 21, 1873. The flag was flown over Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland during an infamous battle between the British and the United States during the War of 1812 that inspired witness Francis Scott Key to pen "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The Man Who Lived In Three Centuries- Uncle Fed Messer, 1792-1907, White Oak Community- Haywood County, NC

Federick "Uncle Fed" Messer (1792 - 1907) - Find A Grave Memorial

German soldiers and officers decorating a makeshift Christmas tree in their trench, c. 1914.

Once Upon a Time in War

Roman-British ring, 4th century

Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Ancient Jewelry pool

King Herod's Tomb, Israel. Found in Herodium in 2007, by archaeologist Ehud Netzer, a Hebrew University professor who has been working at Herodium since 1972. Herod died in 4 B.C. in Jericho.

History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Smithsonian

Dead Sea Scrolls: Discovered first in 1947 in desert caves. Ascribed by some scholars to the Essenes, an ancient Jewish sect, dated to the turn of B.C. to A.D.

Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery Solved?

Viking drum brooch of the Ninth or Tenth century. Photos from the British Museum, London, England.

Golden artifacts from a woman's tomb in Germany, dated 2600 years old.

Pictures: Celtic Princess Tomb Yields Gold, Amber Riches