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Regrowing Veggies/Fruit From Store Produce

15 foods you can regrow from scraps

Did you know that you can simply plant the top of a pineapple in a pot and grow another? Coolest house plant ever!

from lemon seeds. Lemon leaves smell so good.

Grow your own green onions: Next time you buy green onions, save the bulb and toss it in a jar of'll have a whole new bunch in 12 days!

15 foods you can regrow from scraps

how to grow: an avocado tree, apple tree, citrus tree, pineapple plant, yams from produce seeds/cuttings you buy at the grocery

grow potatoes with your sprouted potatoes

Never buy celery again! Just chop of the bottom and plant it in your garden or keep it in a pot indoors.

Grow Onions from Discarded Onion Bottoms

what to do with sprouting potatoes

Growing Romaine lettuce from the leftover stumps!

Have you every bought a pack of dates at the grocery store? If you save the pits, you can grow a beautiful date palm! Who knew?

Grow Houseplants from Kitchen Scraps: Avocado: Check out the link for plants from apples, citrus and pineapple! #Houseplants #healthyhouseplants #Avocado

avocado houseplant

Growing Romaine lettuce from the leftover stumps

How to start sweet potato plants indoors!

#Pinterest Pin of the Day :: Re-growing Celery from Celery

  • Suzy Howard

    Did this today and a couple hours after I placed celery in bowl of water, they were growing.

grow green onions