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Work at Home Ideas

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Work at Home Ideas

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This is a FABULOUS list containing resources I didn't even know about: 30-ways-to-promote-your-blog-posts

How to write a winning sales pitch.

The top product view blogs. Check what's appropriate for your category and go for it.

How Color Influences Marketing

Effective cold calling script with some essential advice for making it work

For current or future ebook authors, this is very cool! Soundtracks for ebooks.

This is legit - incorporate for free in CA and NY (offer thru eMinutes).

Kindle singles submissions open to both new and established authors...

Take Risk / Studio Botes

If you have a product, or an idea for a product, even an idea to make an existing product better, watch this 36 min video with Stephen Key, the 'licensing' guru who explains why it makes SO much more sense to license a product unless you're a glutton for punishment :) I purchased his book, A Simple Idea, and am now on that track. Wish I'd known about this 18 yrs ago when I started my biz--I'd be less battle-worn today and had less sleepless nights.

If you aren't already, one of the markets you need to consider is the Hispanic.

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran's 8 Lessons for Entrepreneurs (short videos). Priceless information. Tougher than you'd imagine from Shark Tank.

This is great!'s metrics show the best time to post to Social Networks, and each one is different!

Here's a very simple 'get-things-done' planner using post its in a unique way.

Google's game-changing SEO move you want to know about if using video to help market your business. (4/27/12). Pic doesn't take you there, click here instead:

success vs success

My bio. Had been working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles when I was laid off after 14 yrs. This and the death of one of my best friends lead to my entering the world of small business ownership in 1994.

How I invented Cold Sores Begone and Canker Sores Begone

This was the first product I developed almost 19 yrs ago, inspired by my personal need due to chronic cold sores. First time out, I hit the ball out of the park (if I do say so myself :). It prevents a cold sore from materializing with a dab or two when you feel the first symptom. $ 10.99, free shipping, safe for the little ones. Rec'd some prestigious awards for this one.

I was the product developer for this also many moons ago. It was the first specific product for canker sores in the natural products industry. For most, it heals the sores inside your mouth in 1-2 days. For me, it's usually heals overnight. $ 10.99, free shipping, and very safe for kids.

Excerpt of 5 scientific proven ways to be persuasive. Don't know if still carries the book or not.

The Right-Brain Business Plan for creatives

Business Plans describe an unrealistic picture of what you would LIKE to happen as you business grows - a forecast gives you a more realistic overview of what is likely to occur. Which would you rather base your future on?

How to create advertising that sells, by David Ogilvy, considered to be the father of modern advertising.

Basic introduction to Mind Mapping for anything and everything. Getting to yes, planning, getting things done, prioritizing, much more.