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Rosalia Holt take 2 [She was my yoga teacher during my first pregnancy, when she was almost 80 years old. Amazing woman.]

Watch This Dancer Show What It's Like To Come Out Of Your Shell [♥ Harry Shum, Jr.]

Depression parkour :(

Two Sides of the Brain wallpaper

The best argument for reading books in today's society. pardon the language

I’m Thinking. Please. Be Quiet. - by George Prochnik, NYTimes August 24, 2013

I could be home on the internet right now.

27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand

31 Unmistakable Signs You're An Introvert

This speaks so clearly to us.

Musings of an Aspie -Is There a Link Between ASD Motor Skill Deficits & Social Communication Difficulties

Step 3 would be the crucial missing piece...

Qualities not measured by most tests.

  • Robin Gross Bennett

    @cammie we need to show this to our kids before standardized test season mows them down!

I will never stop reading.

Myers Briggs Assessment Online | MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory Career Tests | PersonalityDesk

Ways to make things happen - I need to read this every day.