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Content Curation Visualized

What is content curation about? Diagram, charts and infographics to make sense and introduce "others" to the *content curation* conundrum

Content Curation Visualized

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The Art of a Curated Post - the five key ingredients to create a quality curated post - by Curata - #curation

Content Curation: The Art of a Curated Post [Infographic] | Content Marketing Forum

5 Reasons for Social Media Marketers to Curate Content - #infographic

The Art Of Content Curation - #infographic #contentmarketing

6 Principles of Content Curation - by Magnetic Content - www.mediaispower....

Google Reinforces the Value of Content Curation - Media is Power

The process of content curation - Frakture / Curation Squad -

Taxonomy of digital curation - from Social Media Curation a report by Joyce K. Valenza, Brenda L. Boyer, and Della Curtis - www.alastore.ala....

ZEEF suggested approach for curated advertisements -

Advertisers Archives -

11 cool content curation tools that can greatly simplify your job of finding and delivering great content: An infographic curated by

Blogging (and curation) as a Pedagogy - Illustration by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (Silvia Tolisano) - excerpted from socialmediaforlea...

The Content Lifecycle infographic by Digital C4 Marketing Agency - #curation

What Is Content Curation? 3 Infographics

The Critical Thinking Process by Dave Pollard - via Harold Jarche

Sense-making Skills

Great skills to learn to become a good content curator - by Silvya Rosenthal Tolisano - #curation Langwitches blog #curation

I Have Questions...

A currently famous example is the curation work of Maria Popova, and her blog updates on Brain Pickings. Popova’s curation practices are summarised in this diagram. Source:

Curation as Digital Literacy Practice

Building Content Knowledge: Collaborate and Curate by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano - Langwitches - #curation #learning

Building Content Knowledge: Collaborate and Curate

Excerpted from The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation by Kevan Lee on Buffer Blog:

The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process

Content Marketing SEO: The Good, The Bad & The Ethics - by Curata

Infographic: 6 Sanity Checks When Curating Content

6 Sanity Checks when Curating Content [Infographic] - Curata Blog

Content Curation Tools List by Business2Community

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    Jolanda Buter

    YES!! ...and now:( so many possibilities!

Content #Curation Strategies by Jeff Giesea -

What is the problem? - Introducing the Challenge… Embedding content curation into medical education

Content #Curation: Tactics, Tools & Goals in 2014 - #Infographic by Uberflip #contentcuration

Content Curation: Measuring Up To Your Peers? - What Marketers Think - Trapit! 2014 via HeidiCohen

The curator is an information chemist - Robert Scoble

Come Play In Traffic: Content Curation 101

4 Ways To Leverage the Interest Graph through Impacting Content Curation by Guillaume DeCugis

  • Rene de Vries
    Rene de Vries

    The square at the bottom left should read 'Feeds'. Specifically feeds that you can set up using keyword searchers, such as TalkWalker. The deliver topical information, but are typically quite noisy.

  • Robin Good
    Robin Good

    Thank you Rene for this useful clarification.