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Great Examples of Content Curation

Top-notch examples of content curation at work. See the results, get inspired, sense the added value that organizing existing information can offer.

Great Examples of Content Curation

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The Short of the Week - since 2007 curates the best short films, documentaries and stories from around the world. www.shortofthewee...

Graphite - Cutting through the clutter of educational apps and tools. A platform created to make it easier for educators to find the best apps, games, and websites for the classroom.

Content Curation from A to Z a full online learning program with Robin Good Friday, March 13th, April 24th and May 15th, from 12 to 14 (EST) content-curation-... Learn everything you need to know to start practicing the art of finding, organizing and presenting the most relevant news, information or resources on a specific topic, for a specific audience.


    Great news. Your work in content curation is highly appreciated

  • Klaas Joosten
    Klaas Joosten

    Robin give very insightful presentations! We have had him as speaker at our event!

A curated collection of visual resumes examples allows web company VisualCV to showcase the best of its customers work while enticing new potential customers on what it can be done with their service.

BASICALLY takes the most popular financial news stories and creates easy and short summaries that can be consumed in less than 5 minutes.

A curated collection of 5K free documentaries available online. Documentary Addict. documentaryaddict...

A curated collection of the best free videos on fitness available on YouTube -

A curated collection of video lessons about every single element on the periodic table of elements. Created by the Periodic Videos team using the TED-Ed platform.

A curated collection of best examples of one-page websites - #curation #webdesign

A curated collection of the best free documentaries available online. Top Documentary Films - topdocumentaryfil...

  • Maura Rizzo
    Maura Rizzo

    Robin, I can't understand: is this you creating all those collections? Or by now you are just sharing this stuff as a few examples....? In the second case, is it possible to know the link of each collection?

  • Maura Rizzo
    Maura Rizzo

    Sorry, I am trying to learn using Pinterest for the first time....

  • Robin Good
    Robin Good

    Hello Maura. The link of the collection is available at the end of each description. I'm just collecting - as the title says - great examples of curated collections available online.

  • Maura Rizzo
    Maura Rizzo

    Thank you! that's amazing! What a tool for a well done content curation ! Can't wait this afternoon to learn all about curation :))

A curated collection of the best video tutorials and screencasts for developers organized by topic #curation #example

A wonderful curated collection of the best examples of marketing pages online -

  • Jonah Lopin
    Jonah Lopin

    Hey Robin - Jonah from Crayon here. Thanks for the kind words!

Text Visualization Browser - a curated and organized collection of text visualization examples from real-world projects -

Text Visualization Browser

Powerbooks - a curated collection of selected Books for Entrepreneurs by Strikingly - powerbooks.striki...

Powerbooks - Books for Entrepreneurs

Note & Point - Great examples of Keynote and PowerPoint presentations by Dave Ruiz and Christian Ross -

EdShelf - a curated library of quality, vetted and reviewed educational tools -

Vyer Films - subscription streaming service to a curated collection of quality independent films not generally accessible outside international film festivals.

Note&Point - a curated gallery of quality design in presentations -

A curated collection of major brands design guidelines maintained by Arno Di Nunzio -

What font goes with what? A curated collection of the best font matches from real-world web sites -

The simplest interface to instantly find the best movies and TV shows according to your own favorite criteria:

History of the World Cup - a curated non-commercial collection of information, resources and clips organized around all of the edition years of the soccer world cup. www.historyofthew...

A curated learning hub about digital design - an outstanding model of how effective curation can create great value - all of the resources and content that this hub points out are already available resources, picked, vetted and re-organized by design curators. Included is also a design toolkit with the best services and tools organized by application area.

A curated visual collection and newsletter update of the best designed apps available - organized by categories -

A human-curated Reading List for Startup Entrepreneurs, helps to save time learning by picking best writings from successful startup founders, VCs and mentors.