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my fancy ass Polyvore ensembles

my fancy ass Polyvore ensembles

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"I'd wear the hell out of this" by robinplemmons on Polyvore

"Peachy & pretty. Kind of like my naked butt." by robinplemmons on Polyvore

"i like my sugar with coffee & cream" by robinplemmons on Polyvore

"lady on the street, freak in the bed" by robinplemmons on Polyvore

"my Christmas Day ensemble" by robinplemmons on Polyvore

  • Sarah McMahon
    Sarah McMahon

    At first, I thought, "No shirt?" Then I realized those weren't earrings.

  • Marty Long
    Marty Long

    Me too, Sarah. Me too.

"my Christmas Eve ensemble" by robinplemmons on Polyvore

"it matches my sword." by robinplemmons on Polyvore

"you're not the boss of me" by robinplemmons on Polyvore

a casual fall outfit that isn't stained sweat pants // Polyvore

if I had the body & the dough... // Polyvore

"drunk & laughing on a blanket in the park" // Polyvore

let's drink a Dark & Stormy & talk about Oprah 's Lifeclass, created by robinplemmons on Polyvore

Farting around at the Country Club, created by robinplemmons on Polyvore

What to wear to that thing with the people at the place.

"Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good."

Peewee'S A, Peewee A

  • Chelsey Barnes
    Chelsey Barnes

    oh my god i love you.

  • Robin Plemmons
    Robin Plemmons

    I think you need to own this outfit, Chelsey Barnes.

The dress!

  • Caroline Brewer
    Caroline Brewer

    everywhere is somewhere and nowhere is near

  • Robin Plemmons
    Robin Plemmons

    Caroline Brewer thank youuuu.

  • Caroline Brewer
    Caroline Brewer

    girl, i am always here for your patty needs.

"Courtney Love unclogs the crapper on a Wednesday night"; balls to the wall, y'all: Polyvore galore

Weird combo, but I love the bots!

good day for a pap smear.

  • Jane Ruschky
    Jane Ruschky

    I bet your doc appreciates that you look pretty for your pap!

  • Robin Plemmons
    Robin Plemmons

    She does! I even shave my legs & everything.

Thou shall not be boring.

Thursday afternoon. Glass of Sangiovese.

Fancy Ass, Ass Polyvore, Polyvore Ensemble, Fall Fashion, Favorite Outfit, Fashion Sense

Sweater dresses are the new sweatsuit. You don't have to look like shit while running errands. That's what I tell myself.

sweater dress is the new sweatsuit