Water Cycle Demonstration

Primary Reading Party: Water Cycle I had each table draw & label the water cycle on a quart sized bag. We filled it w/some water & taped it to the window. Today some condensation had formed & by the end of the day, there was some precipitation.

More descriptive words interactive word wall.  Use this idea with numbers: write number on fry container and count that many fries into it.  Write different letters on fry container and sort fries with letters on them into correct container.

More descriptive words interactive word wall. Can also use french fry idea as counting sticks and word families! Kids love this!

Water Cycle Fold-able

Water, water everywhere . A super foldable idea! Content Statement: Grade Earth and Space Science-The hydrologic cycle illustrates the changing states of water as it moves through the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

The Water Cycle Rap

The Water Cycle Rap; Do we want to get into paying for music? Anything we could do with Rap or HipHop could be very engaging!

If I were President..... 2ndgrade

"If I were president" writing prompt and craft. Cute idea for President's Day, a history lesson on a specific president(s), or a civics lesson on the political system.

Free printable game - CVC Words Board

Consonant-vowel-consonant game board to help with vocab, beginning and endings etc. An idea for the matter unit

Penguin Theme - Puppets

printable penguin finger puppets pattern, I mostly just want the patterns for our felt board, we have way too many puppets

FREE Tack the Penguin Craftivity

Penguin art: Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten: Tacky Penguin Craftivity

Suggested thematic reading list for Dental Health Month - Dental Health Month books for kids.

Suggested Thematic Reading List for Dental Health Month - Dental Health Month Books for Kids

Groundhog activity

Thursday I celebrated my very first Groundhog's day as a teacher! We predicted if the groundhog would see his shadow an.

Dental Health Month smiley faces

these would be cute with dental health unit writing. Maybe steps to brushing with these :)

100th day activities

Miss Stec's Kindergarten Kollections: Day Fun! Could be used for higher grades by adding a writing element.

L is for Lollipop and other preschool crafts

Let’s Play Catch Up: The Lovely Letter L