The X-Girls: Storm, Jean, & Rogue.

jean grey, rogue, and storm (marvel and x-men) drawn by sana takeda - Danbooru

Wolverine, Shadowcat & Lockheed by Niko Henrichon

This is an amazing piece. kitty has always been a favorite of mine. And of corse Logan. Wolverine and Kitty Pride. Art by Niko Henrichon.

Poison Ivy by Sakimichan

Ivy Close up by sakimichan on deviantART <--- nice Poison Ivy

Mega Mutants Celebration by BillWalko

by Bill Walko “To Me, My X-Men!” My mega mutants jam piece….

Batgirl by Joseph Caesar Sto. Domingo & Sean Ellery

Pencils and inks by joseph caesar sto. domingo Colours by me I just loved the batsuit here and had heaps of fun doing it!