Rob Rey

Rob Rey
Providence, RI / Artist, Illustrator
Rob Rey
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Bioluminescence - Compassion by Rob Rey -

Oil, 8 x 10 inchesReason, Compassion, and Hope are the ideals celebrated by the Humanist winter solstice holiday of Human Light on December This is one of three small pain.

Hidden in the Light study by Rob Rey -

News, studies, sketches, and scribblings of painter/illustrator Rob Rey

il, 14 x 18 in One of two new bioluminescence paintings that will be showing in Abend Gallery's next show, Variance, opening tomorrow night Bioluminescence VI

Cosmic Ocean by Rob Rey -  In the vast cosmic ocean of time and space, our current inability to travel can sometimes make it feel like we're trapped in a cosmic fishbowl, surrounded on all sides by glass of immense distance and darkness. Perhaps one day we will find that we have nieghbors in the stars and we can rejoice in our shared existence. Until then, seven billion of us will have to endure our loneliness.

Cosmic Ocean by robrey