Fishermen in the Amazon discovered this 2 month-old baby manatee helplessly lingering nearby the body of its mother, likely the victim of poachers, and contacted Friends of the Manatee (AMPA) a conservationist group devoted to protecting the species. Last year, the group help save more than a dozen orphaned manatees.

Orphaned Baby Manatee Rescued in the Amazon

This manatee is so cute! He Awww, this baby manatee was orphaned. Scientists rescued him and are taking care of him. This is without a doubt the cutest manatee I've ever seen.

Time to start paddeling!

The photograph of a meter great white shark investigating a kayak is real. It was shot by Thomas Peschak using a Nikon Camera and mm lens. At no time did the shark show any aggression towards the kayak or the person in it.


Images documenting the shark cull in Western Australia during the first trial months


Thousands of Flamingos - (Detail from) Greater Flamingos on Lake Nakuru, Kenya by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Lake Nakuru is famed for its spectacular pink horizon made up of thousands of flamingos who wade in the alkaline waters feeding on the algae.

Why I don't go in the ocean....

Sharks in the Maldives cc/ chong chong Hwang I want to go - just maybe not swim


Ever wondered what it's like to be a writer? The manatees help me explain the days of an author.

Air Jaws!

great white shark breaching the water, but all I see is me trying to breach the water higher and faster than him!

later seagull

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