October Aurora by Steve McDougall - Northern Lights in Northern Manitoba, Canada

October Aurora - Northern Lights in Northern Manitoba, Canada (Photograph courtesy of Steve McDougall )


Article: “Private Dream Chaser Space Plane to Launch Orbital Flight in Beautiful Space-Art Gallery Take a Quick Break

Mary Snake, Delaware Tribe, 1947.  The Lenape are Native American/Native…

Mary Snake, Delaware Tribe, The Lenape are Native American/Native Canadian people.


Lenape Indians

Before the arrival of the white man, many Lenape villages were located along the banks of the Delaware, which the Lenape called the Lenapewihittuk, River of the Lenape. When the river was named the.

Frederick, Maryland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Frederick, Maryland - View of the Catoctin Mountain

The Lenni-Lenape Meet William Penn | WMAN

Purchases by colonists of traditional Lenape Indian hunting grounds and village lands, 1682 – Note the 1737 “Walking Purchase” land.


First Estimate of Solar Cycle 25 Amplitude – may be the smallest in over 300 years

2014-10-08 -jackolantern sun NASA caused lots aurora activity

Happy Halloween from NASA! Active regions on the sun combined to look something like a jack-o-lantern’s face on Oct. The image was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, which watches the sun at all times from its orbit in space.

Hog Rock Overlook in Fall

Hog Rock Overlook in Fall Catoctin Mountain State Park