"What I have come to realize is that counseling shouldn’t be sought just in the bad times. Sometimes it’s in the best of times when life is going your way, that we choose to invest in ourselves and our relationships. We always seek to be a better version of ourselves and I knew I had some layers I wanted to peel back. I wanted to be a better mom, girlfriend, friend, daughter. And I absolutely did not want the past to repeat itself. I wanted to do everything the right way this time around".

“I literally have to remind myself all the time, that being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right.” In fact, being afraid of things going wrong is a s…


Beautiful Loneliness Quotes with pictures. Loneliness is a terrible feeling. It is that heart wrenching feeling you feel when you have nowhere to go, no on

Yup this is soooo me lol

Funny Quote: Perfectionist with a procrastinator complex will be awesome someday.

Aileen Wuornos

Between prostitute-turned-killer Aileen Wuornos murdered seven johns who had the misfortune of looking for a little extra-marital action. A minor traffic accident in one of her victim's cars led to her arrest and eventual 2002 execution.

How To Set Goals: The Truth About Setting Goals We Often Don't Realize

Set Goals for This Year With These 3 Questions: Where did things go well? What could I have done better? What are five to 10 things I want to make more of next year?