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Stylish Powder Rooms...It's All About The Details

Weddbook ♥ Lavender wrapped candles for Wedding table decoration. imagine how the candle heat would bring out the lovely lavender smell.

Wedding Ceremony Flower Ideas

Wedding Ceremony Flower Ideas

** Something about this picture just makes me smile! I love the background, the pose, the way the dress falls, the bouquet to the ground. This photo is like the groom is walking the bride over the threshold.

25 Stunning Centerpieces

25 Stunning Wedding Centerpieces

replace feathers w/ fiddle ferns, no blue anemones or berzelia berries

Purple and Lavender Wedding Bouquet

Purple and Lavender Wedding Bouquet Recipe: 5 purple dendrobium orchids 5 lavender hyacinths 10 blue anemones 4 gray berzelia berries 10 black feather plumes a touch of purple wax flower

A more earthy style bouquet

Earthy Purple Wedding Flowers

Like the rose color. Too much purple in this but shows the colors I like! That calla lily is a beautiful accent color. That purple in it is the accent color that I love for flowers!


Another idea for aisle decorations. Antique blue mason jar wired to a shepherd's hook and filled with wildflowers.

More ideas