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Rochelle Antonio
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Li Hing Mui & Mango

Pomai’s Pickled Mango with Li Hing Mui Not only will it twist your tongue, but cause it to salivate as well. Several weeks ago I did a write-up about Shoyu Mango, promising a pickled mango en…

lomi lomi salmon

Lomi lomi salmon, a classic Hawaiian dish. The name "lomi lomi" translates to "massage," which describes how one mixes the concoction at the end of the recipe.

Corned Beef

Bully Beef (aka Corned Beef) is a classic, simple and affordable dish in many Caribbean households. Its diverse quality of being able to satisfy the breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner cravings, makes

Garlic Furikake Chicken

Sugoi Hawaiis Famous Garlic Furikake Chicken Sugois Hawaii has become a local staple for signature local plate lunches including their garlic chicken, loco moco and hamburger steak.