bird feeder

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DIY potential. Slinky --> Birdfeeder

A wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts Oh yeah and one hungry bluejay. Should bluejays be eating peanuts? Clever usage of a SLINKY though!

DIY birdfeeder with empty toilet paper roll

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder Activity for Kids. Cover a toilet paper tube in peanut butter and roll in bird seed. Then just slide it on a branch. Or use a pine cone

birdfeeder... preschool activity

Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder DIY -Making these today for our poor chilly birds!

#recycled #bottles as birdfeeder

DIY Bird Feeder: Made from a recycled glass bottle, scrap wood, and the base of a plastic bottle. A very simple and cute summer DIY project!

Bird Feeder

For-the-Birds Feeder

bird feeders fun craft for the kids


Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders Here's a super easy and fun nature craft the kids will love! instructions here from I think this will be a fun craft next week for fall break!

tea cup birdfeeder

DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeders, cute idea for thrift store or mis-matched cup and saucers.

birdfeeder: gift idea

homemade bird feeder that I won't be mad at the squirrels for breaking

Bagel birdfeeder...   Stale Bagel  Peanut Butter  Shortening  Bird Seed

Bagel Bird Feeder Craft For Children

Stale Bagel Bird Feeder - Craft Project for Children.

mrs. buttersworth birdfeeder

Homemade gifts for dad

Turn your pumpkin into a birdfeeder

Halloween is over and the kids are all asleep in a sugar coma. So while they are asleep here are some cool and unusual ways to reuse and recycle pumpkins.

How to Make a Birdfeeder From a Coffee Can

My mother-in-law loves tole painting. She saves coffee cans, spray paints them and then creatively paints designs. They make really nice feeders.