When you love someone completely you want to be their last love because they will be yours. You will no longer want to be with anyone else because you no longer see anyone else in that way, only the most beautiful and special person in your life you love.

~ notes to self (I think the planet is trying to date me and stop my tears.) December (We've had at LEAST 2 real Christmases and... The rainbow baby guru painted his stocking :) We paint the starseed and mail a gift to the indigo... Today Water Wednesday.

Let the simple acts of affection count. Romance lies in the little things. A kiss on the forehead, grabbing his hand while walking, playing with her hair ..

Being single is good......but if you so happen to find an amazing Christian man who loves God a million times more than he loves you, is sold out to God, and is a pure in heart true genuine man of God that you can't imagine living without. GO FOR IT BABY!