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Ice stalagmites under abandoned clinic building Greystone Park State Hospital, Morris Plains, NJ circa 2007

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from Strange Hats From Around the World. It's good for allergy season. ..... ever wonder what kind of "stuff" some people are on to have dreams that result in this kind of thinking??

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So that’s what they’re used for! -- when they get older, and gravity does its "thing" with them, they'll be wearing their ear lobes down around their ankles! Plastic surgeons take note -- you have much work waiting for you in the future.

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Green Glass Eye Eyeball Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring ANY size

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Martin Brothers Face Jug ... unusual for sure .... sitting here trying to imagine myself actually serving someone from it. I don't think so.

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Welcome to Wonderland! For what event would this be considered appropriate? The Mad Hatter's Tea Party perhaps?

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Gallery of Eggum Tourist Route / Snohetta - 3

I'm not sure where this is, but it's the strangest house I've ever seen -- very dungeon-like.

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