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Pictures and links of Malta for the production people of the world. Come and shoot with us.
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an empty swimming pool in the middle of a building with stairs leading up to it
Richard England, Malta
an image of a building that looks like it is in the middle of a body of water
Perfect and Colorful Architecture around the World for Instagram
The geometric shapes that architecture provides are the perfect Instagram picture when they receive good layers of bold and contrasting colors. This historical,
an empty swimming pool in front of a building with large round structures on the side
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an archway leading into a building with stone floors
The entrance by Reuben Chircop on 500px
an arched hallway with stone floors and pillars
The 29 Best Museums in Malta Reviewed for your Itinerary
The Inquisitor's Palace at Birgu (Vittoriosa)
an empty street lined with trees and flowers in front of some old buildings on a sunny day
All things Europe
Malta (by Thomas Fodor)
an empty street with cars parked on both sides - Shop Furniture, Lighting, Homeware & More Online |
The absolutely stunning streets of Victoria, Gozo. Take a tour of some amazing streets, alleyways and doorways on Malta and Gozo.
the beach is lined with multicolored buildings and palm trees in front of it
amalijaa: Birżebbuġa, Malta
an alley way with two green doors and one blue door on the other side, in front of a stone building
a sailboat floating on the water in front of a large city at sunset or dawn
Beautiful Malta!
there is a rack with many pairs of shoes on it
Tripod Storage
I just read the best tip for storing tripods! The advice comes from Steven Cortez, Blue Valley West HS, Overland Park, Kansas. Those of you...
an alley way with cobblestones and stone buildings
Could be somewhere else but it's Malta ;)
an alley way with blue walls and stairs
Property for Sale and Rent in Malta - REMAX Malta
Valletta, Malta #malta #island #reisjunk #travel #world #explore