My life

Short Girl Problems, but I have a handy step stool.

Yes!!!! So frustrating!

For real! -__- Pretty sure they should have extra short jeans for the vertically challenged.

Short Girl Problems

Tall girl problem when u have to push the seat back in ur car before u get in cause short people drive ur car

Assholes lol

Short Girl Problem my life story!

Short Girl Problems

Short Girl Problems - I hate group pictures.

Ohhhh car... You're such a challenge

Tall people problem: can't even get in the car after a short person has moved the seat all the way forward! This is sooo me. The short problem lol

Even when sitting on the toilet I can swing my feet LOL

story of my life- swinging like a little girl~ :)

So embarrassing

Art Short Girl Problems saying

Lookin' like a bum :)

Short people problems-so true! Love the look but can't pull it off without looking like my shirt is swallowing my legs.


Short People Problems, sums up my time in the middle school hallways.

Clothing sucks lol

"Short girl problem wearing heels almost makes me feel normal sized"

short people problem

Short people problems: so, so true!

Short People Problems

Fat Chick Problem: Mirrors tell the truth.

Cars are never adjusted for short people :(

I was complaining about this in my friends car the other day, but she has the tall people problem and can't see the road if the visor is down haha we are totally opposite in's funny :)