It's horrible I forget how to crochet but I would love to do it again!!

How To: Crochet - For Beginners

Crochet For Children: How To: Crochet - For Beginners Crochet for Beginners Really want fantastic tips on arts and crafts? Head to this fantastic website!

Crocheted Solid Body Skull Scarf Welcome to my very first available pattern! Please, please let me know if you come across any mistakes or have any suggestions for changes. This is the fir...

Crocheted Solid Body Skull Scarf ©Copyright 2015 Stitch Noir/Amanda Hyde All videos, patterns and posts have been created, and/or modified from other patterns, by me. If you want to share this info…

Skull Crochet Scarf @A. ka Doud

Skull crochet scarf --linked skulls the perfect scarf for Halloween or as a git for you favorite Goth

friendship bracelet purse so cool!

Macrame Pouch Tutorial - Part I: Start with Mandala Flower as bottom of pouch.

I can't do this - so pinning it for those who can!!  free skull crochet scarf pattern - Google Search

Gray Skull SCARF crochet Halloween grey skulls crochet skull scarf Made To Order

Finally! A nice looking dog sweater pattern (with options for different sized dogs) for loom knitting / knifty knitter.

Sock-it-to-me Dog Sweater! Dog sweater made on a round Knifty Knitter (pattern link in the sidebar)

The names of lots of stitches plus how to do them

How to Make the Honeycomb Stitch on a Knifty Knitter Loom. I didnt know that different types of knits were possible on these! :O - Knitting Journal

This Mama Knits: Figure-Eight Reversible Headband/Ear-warmer Picture Tutorial

Figure-Eight Reversible Headband/Ear-warmer No Sew Picture Tutorial. You will need: long loom, knitting hook, crochet hook, and.