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Mississauga | Calgary / Rodan is a leading North American smart grid company delivering integrated energy solutions to electricity consumers, distributors and power producers.
Rodan Energy
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Demand Response 101

Our expertise in Metering & Smart Grid Integration, Demand Response, Energy Information & Analytics, and Engineering Services

Energy Conservation

peaksaver PLUS infographic

Save on Energy programs for home and business are designed to make it easier than ever to manage your electricity use.

What is the Smart Grid?

Ontario’s Smart Grid combines new technology to help manage and control energy better. The Smart Grid will help people in their homes and energy providers.

What is a Kilowatt Hour?

A kilowatt hour (KwH) is a way to measure the amount of electricity used in an hour. It would take approximately 1000 watts to run a microwave for 1 hour and.

How does Demand Response reduce electricity use? by Environmental Defense Fund via slideshare

Learn what Demand Response is and how it can reduce electricity use and harmful pollution while rewarding customers.


will soon unveil the largest solar facility in Western Canada.


Solar MicroFIT contracts for homeowners: An overview of Ontario’s Green Power Initiative -

Matching supply to demand is crucial when it comes to energy — and this concept can help us do it.

Matching supply to demand is crucial when it comes to energy. And a concept called demand response can help us do it.


Ontario's Electricity System: Inforgraphic showing the components of Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Consumers and Conservation. Select image for a longer description.

What's the Deal with Carbon?This animation describes the carbon cycle and how it is affected by human activity. It was featured in the Sustainable Shelters exhibit at the Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota.

2014 global history regents instructions guide, 2014 global history regents service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.