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Meursault is a killer and frankly, there was nothing that went through his mind. Meursault came to a sudden realization that it doesn't matter if he shots or not because if the Arab dies, the world will not care.

Serial Killers Just Fascinate Me. I'm Not Even Interested In The Killings Themselves, But Rather The Killers As People. What Went Through Their Mind, Why They Did It, And What They Had To Say Afterwards. It's ALL Just Fascinating!

Meursault makes clear that there's no meaning to life. He can live a significant and fulfilling life but the universe won't even blink.

This is a photo of a quote dealing with existentialism. Muersault believes that he doesn't need to change is life which is why doesn't care about anything because he isn't making himself into someone that cares.

The death of Meursault's mom was a surprise. But because Mersault is an existentialist, he doesn't believe that the lives of the elderly are worth saving.

In addition to diabetes and cancer and cardiovascular disease, the elderly can fall victim to abuse. Know the signs and learn how to take steps to protect your loved ones