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Oh, Yes...That's Me!

Oh, Yes...That's Me!

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That would be you Shannon lol :)

Nerd Quirk #232

  • Karrie Fisher
    Karrie Fisher

    Sad but true, I arrange my clothes by color.

  • TyraNeche

    Wow am I a nerd?

  • Jenny Miller
    Jenny Miller

    haha! I'm a nerd! Mine are by season and color :P !

  • Kari Hammond
    Kari Hammond

    Who would

  • Kari Hammond
    Kari Hammond

    *Who doesn't organize their clothes by type, color, sleeve length and fit? Heathens.

Nerd Quirk #220

  • Emma Watts
    Emma Watts

    or hole punch them!

  • Martha Spahr
    Martha Spahr

    Definitely me!

  • Jodi Gaines
    Jodi Gaines

    that's totally normal!

  • Tessie Breaux
    Tessie Breaux

    Don't really cosider myself a Nerd, but yes I can't staple it either without it being perfect. LOL

  • Jorge Alvarado
    Jorge Alvarado

    They have to be perfectly aligned! It's so much better.

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Nerd Quirk #41

  • Elisa Daskam
    Elisa Daskam

    Jennifer Bradley

  • Elisa Daskam
    Elisa Daskam

    Jennifer Bradley

Nerd Quirk #43

Nerd Quirk #60

Nerd Quirk #92

  • Leah Olivia
    Leah Olivia

    Lol I was playing tennis and the score was 18-12 and I was cracking ip

Nerd Quirk #109

  • Danielle Jacobs
    Danielle Jacobs

    Old books smell better.

Nerd Quirk #111

  • Alicia Vilas
    Alicia Vilas

    @Evelyn Ramos

  • Karen Post
    Karen Post

    This is so Courtney

  • Carolyn Kammeyer
    Carolyn Kammeyer


Nerd Quirk #127

Nerd Quirk #139

Nerd Quirk #151

Nerd Quirk #158

Nerd Quirk #189

  • Kiera Barnes
    Kiera Barnes


Nerd Quirk #205

Nerd Quirk #213

Nerd Quirk #173

  • Jing Duan
    Jing Duan

    thats me,,lol

  • Ashleigh Blair
    Ashleigh Blair

    HA! I got one for christmas when i was twelve. Best present ever:)

  • Grace Clark
    Grace Clark

    @sonyam is this you?

  • Jennifer Harris
    Jennifer Harris

    I want one... does. that count?

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Nerd Quirk #212

  • Nausheen Beg
    Nausheen Beg

    Yuppp! Lol

  • Marsha ---
    Marsha ---

    My 2 daughters and my sister D.l.

  • Bonnie Sanfilippo
    Bonnie Sanfilippo

    is this a bad thing???

  • Marsha ---
    Marsha ---

    Not at all. ;)

  • Bergenline Local Business Wall
    Bergenline Local Business Wall

    in a nutshell...

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