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Plant Combinations

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Using Architectural Plants in the Garden • Great info and Tips!

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Elijah Blue Fescue (Front) 12" Zone 4. Needs dividing every few years. Feather Reed Grass (Behind) 60" Zone 3. Food for birds

Elijah Blue Fescue - Okanagan Xeriscape Association

1 : Centaurea cineraria 2 : Dorycnium pentaphyllum 3 : Ballota acetabulosa 4 : Stachys byzantina 5 : Tanacetum densum subsp. amanii 6 : Marrubium incanum 7 : Leucophyllum frutescens 'Green Cloud'

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1 : Salvia chamaedryoides 2 : Rhodanthemum hosmariense 3 : Artemisia abrotanum 'Silver' 4 : Phlomis 'Le Sud' 5 : Senecio vira-vira 6 : Salvia fruticosa 7 : Salvia leucophylla 8 : Artemisia lanata

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contrast - color and texture= Yellow twig dogwood, red barberry, grass

Winter Garden « UW Botanic Gardens News

ditch - more natural looking, and does have low in the front and tall at the back...but then need something to break up the back view

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August Afternoons Garden - This garden combines a pleasing mixture of grasses, flower forms and colors to provide blooms in August that continue through September. Fits a 5' x 10' space

August Afternoons Pre-Planned Garden | High Country Gardens

Demonstration of the value of winter stems: Dogwoods and birch at the Savill Garden.

John Grimshaw's Garden Diary

naturalizing the border with grasses

Client Project 7 - Darcy Daniels (darcydaniels)

Alternating ribbons of Hakone grass, black mondo grass and Angelina Sedum

Photo Detail • Joshua McCullough •

Grasses, sedum and coreopsis

Flower Garden (subtextoftime: Herbst-Finale (by Jörg Paul...)

the long view. Perennial plants Echinacea, Actaea

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Stipa gigantea, echinacea'White Swan' and Sedum

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Coleus and Echinacea combination

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Sarah Price Landscapes » Olympic Gardens North America

Veronicastrum virginicum 'Lavendelturm' and Echincacea pallida

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White birch, ferns and purple astilbe

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Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

The Impatient Gardener: Perfecting plant combinations

fall garden

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August Afternoons Perennial Garden

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Russian Sage and Purple Coneflower

Russian Sage | gardeninacity

golden japanese forest grass and black mondo grass

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foxglove blue delphiniums are shy in the sun. Shade is much better for these delicate flowers

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Backyard garden with pink Echinacea purple coneflowers, white picket fence, blue monkshood Aconitum,

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Pink Geraniums and victoria blue salvias

Flowers 314 by Joyce StJames