Witch's hat - This would make a great centerpiece

Amazing Halloween Witches hat table centerpiece - or room decor - classy design! with pumpkins, stars, raffia - stunning!

old slab of wood takes a beautiful center stage! Just add candles and seasonal decor.

Bring a rustic look to your Thanksgiving table with this centerpiece idea built off a piece of wood or weathered lumber. You'll add in clusters of grapes along with candles of various size to create a real mixed media centerpiece.

porch welcome ~

Fill a wooden wheelbarrow with gourds, pumpkins, dried leaves, and berry sprigs. Paint a "welcome friends" message on two large pumpkin and place on top of the wheelbarrow. Weave artificial berry vines around the wheelbarrow for a splash of stunning red.

Ah Autumn ~

Ah, Autumn.I love you, my favorite season. My cozy friend who returns loyally each and every year.

The poetic voice of George Eliot...

Delicious Autumn my very soul is wedded to it. And if I was a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.

Halloween decorating ideas

If I can find mannequin legs, I'm making this witchy Halloween display for my front porch. I have the legs yeah a

Accessories ;)

Bewitched - The origin of the witchs hat is an exaggeration of the tall, conical dunces hat that was popular in the royal courts of the century. The broomsticks origins have a rather sexual connotation

Autumn Equinox ~ Sept 22nd

Autumn Equinox/Mabon - September 21 - Second Harvest Festival. The harvest of the field. Autumnal Equinox illustration by Ernestine Grindal