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Rogério De Paula Ferreira

Rogério De Paula Ferreira
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I got: Fire Dragon! What Dragon Are You?

Are you an Earth Dragon that belongs to the forest or are you a Fire Dragon that breathes flames?

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Brigida The Foul. She was one of the rare White Dragonwitches and feared—for good reason—throughout the Southlands and beyond. Everyone, even the Cadwaladrs, kept waiting for her to die . but she simply wouldn’t. (A Tale of Two Dragons)

ancient_red_dragon_by_benwootten-d6kn6wy.jpg (786×1017)

Ancient Red Dragon by BenWootten on deviantART. This dragon looks like a red,spiky griffin to me!


Bestiary: Enemy: Dragon: Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, even types, there is no precise number of species to date