A realistic fake rat that likes to prank, play hide and seek, dress up, and go on adventures.
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a dog sleeping on its back with the words happiness is listening to your dog snoring
The Uppity Puppy Great Stuff for the Discriminating Dog
a close up of a hamster looking over a ledge
a person holding a small rodent in their left hand and it's face up to the camera
Rat - nice picture
a rat sitting in a flowered cup with it's head sticking over the edge
Tagli, ritagli e coriandoli
a dog is poking its head out of the snow
Pet Rat Playing In Snow
George, my smart & gifted almost real pet rat playing in the snow. He loves to dig holes, run up trees, and play by the creek.
a small rat sitting in a basket on top of a blue towel
Lovely Little Rats
a rat sitting on top of a wooden table holding a book in its paws with the caption i love to read
"Always carry a book with you."
a rat holding a sign that says free kisses on it's back and the caption reads, free kisses
an animal is poking its head out of the snow in front of it's hole
My pretend pet rat buried in snow.
My little pet mouse (rat) George is enjoying the beginning of winter buried in snow. George loves to go on walks, and hikes, and adventures. Today we walked in the woods along the creek.
two black and white mice in a cage
a small rat wearing a knitted hat