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Awesome Pick up lines

Awesome Pick up lines

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you & me & Netflix & pizza


Daily Odd Compliment - Imgur OMG I know people who should have their scent made into candles....

Plus the fact that I'm probably shorter than you really just makes this all the funnier

Daily Odd Compliment - Imgur - This is sooo freaking funny. and adorable. and sounds like something i'd say.

Let me touch it.

I couldn't help noticing that you're mind-blowingly hot.

Epic pick-up line…

Epic pick-up line…

Pick up line of the century :)

This is my boyfriends pick up line. Lol

Clever pick up line

I can't get you out of my head. Which is now becoming a problem because sometimes I have other things I need to be thinking about. Like what my name would be if I were a dragon.

if only.....Kevin Moussa-Mann Moussa-Mann powell

The sweatpants of my life..

Daily odd compliment

You make my dreams come true. Aside from all the weird ones. But it's best not to talk about those. Hey, what's that? Not my weird dreams. Let's move on.

The Daily Odd Compliment

Daily Odd Compliment

"Coloring Menu"

Ahhh hahaha! That's great!

Daily Odd Compliment: Photo

If I heard one in the vicinity, I would build a fireplace in five minutes so I could burn that little creepy fucker...

I would...

Daily odd compliment

This is perfect.