London 2012 Olympic Marketing - Best & Worst Marketing Strategy

A collection of images and videos that represent the best and worst of marketing strategy from the 2012 Olympic Games. Interested in more compilations like this from the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics and more? Visit
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NIKE (Best): Just about every winning runner at the Games was sporting a bright yellow neon pair of Nikes ... the ultimate ambush marketing for this clever Olympic non-sponsor that managed to come out on top through creativity, product placement and just plain smart marketing.

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M & M (Best): Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. What overseas Olympic fan wouldn't buy a pack of M & Ms in their country colors? This display in M & M World was easily one of the most popular in the store ... and stands out to me as one of the best marketing ideas from the London 2012 Games.

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SAMSUNG (Worst): Here's a fact you may have missed ... the phone the Rowan Atkinson used during his comedic interlude in the Opening Ceremonies was actually a Samsung - not an iPhone. What a golden missed product placement opportunity - which could have been solved by getting him a phone in any other color than white.

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INNOCENT DRINKS (Best): These mini-kiosks selling smoothies inside the Olympic Park were great for branding, and offered a welcome alternative to long food queues ... not to mention that this was one of the rare healthy food options inside the Olympic Park.

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ADIDAS (Best): Imagine getting into a photo booth with a buddy - and having David Beckham walk in and join the photo? That's exactly what happened for a few lucky fans in this sponsored appearance as part of Adidas' #takethestage campaign.

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BEATS BY DR. DRE (Best) - How to ambush market the Games ... put the Union Jack on headphones and "accidentally" bump into GB team athletes outside their hotel to give them away. Athletes are happy, become walking billboards, and rave about the freebie on social media. Mission accomplished.

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GOOGLE (Best): Every day Google featured a new interactive Doodle Game that brought the Olympics to life in a fun and uniquely Googlesque way. Great branding, high engagement, and free ... Google does it again.

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CADBURY (Best): This English chocolate maker was all over the Games, with branded products, popup tents, "treat stands," and much more. Great product integration, excellent online marketing and branding throughout the Games help cement Cadbury's place as one of the most iconic British brands in history.

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ADIDAS (Best): In a video cover of the Queen song "Don't Stop Me Now" featuring some of Britain's most beloved athletes that is quickly going viral - Adidas celebrates Britain's high performing athletes and puts a perfect cap on the Games.

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HEATHROW AIRPORT (Best): This is one of those brilliant ideas that could easily have been sponsored but wasn't. In Heathrow between gates, they set up a Ping Pong table for anyone to use. Now I wish every Airport did this all the time ...

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