2009 Knaggs Guitars Severn Trem in Golden Natural

2009 Knaggs Guitars Early Severn Trem in Golden Natural. The Severn was initially designed in The special lamination and finish process was developed before they founded Knaggs Guitars and has since become their Signature look.

These things are just wacky, but i would love to own one. Not to sure if i would gig much with it.

Buy Fender 3 x - Nickel-plated steel Electric Guitar Strings - Light. Fender Nickel Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings combines the high dynamic output of steel with the smooth feel of nickel, giving bright, crisp tone

Limited Run Flying V Custom | Flying V and Explorer | Gibson Custom Shop

In context of when it was introduced, the Gibson Flying V was supposed to herald the brave new Space-Age.instead it was picked up by hair bands of the as some sort of 'phallic statement'.

Knaggs Guitars  Kenai T2 with Spalt Maple top and Blue Lapis stone

Knaggs Guitars Kenai with Spalt Maple top and Blue Lapis Stone.

Gretsch G100CE Synchromatic™ Cutaway - Check!

ART - Gretsch guitars built since They need no introduction. Everyone knows the hollow-body guitars with the Bigsby like the Brian Setzer and the White Falcon models. Their Custom Shop creates awesome hand-painted guitars.

Inspiration: Yamaha Silent Guitar

Yamaha's Silent Guitars have piezo pickups as well as high quality digital samples of acoustic guitar strings. You can play the sound through headphones or line out, and power them using batteries or its AC adapter.

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