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"Sporting something different and cool" - Designs by Mimmy Yeboah

APiF: Please introduce your brand. Mimmy Yeboah: I’m a self-taught New York City based designer. My brand is basically me, Mimmy Yeboah. I create exclusive minimal statement pieces for women, putting more of a focus on the female frame. All of my fabrics are chosen, cut and constructed to create confidence as you walk with... [ Read more ]

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High tide maxi dress

<p class="product-desc-body">The High Tide maxi dress features a burnt rust color on a slinky rayon fabrication, crossover bodice with deep V-neck, adjustable spaghetti straps, cinched waist and super high slit at front left. So cool and boho with a pair of sandals or booties.</p><!--- fit guide ---></p><ul class="product-desc-list"><li>Made in USA</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>100% Rayon</li></ul><p class="product-desc-head">Fit Guide:</p><ul class="product-desc-list"><li>Model is 5ft 7…

Individual Packets, Natural Pigments

Our radiant Natural Earth pigments in individual 3 oz. packets. Each packet makes the equivalent of one medium-sized tube of professional oil paint when mixed with walnut or linseed oil. New! "Mayan Red" and "Mayan Turquoise" now available! Note on "Mayan" Pigments: The volume of these pigments is three times that of our other pigments; so the price appears higher but you're actually getting three times more pigment. Learn about our Natural Pigments here... About our Natural Pigments…

“Because at night there is a comfort in moving darkly. In slipping through, shadow to shadow. Can’t say why. Maybe because we were hunters, all of us. The way a cat moves in the shadows. Or a wolf. The instinctive safety in that.”