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Roland Reports
Roland Reports
Roland Reports

Roland Reports

Curator of News, Culture and Lifestyle

Zimmerman Lawyer’s Daughter Allegedly Posts ‘We Beat Stupidity Celebration’ Photo On Instagram

Four Vanderbilt Football Players Suspended Amid Sex Crimes Investigation

Paula Deen’s Cookbook Deal Cancelled After 10 Other Companies Drop Her

DEADLINE.COM EXCLUSIVE: New Regency Moves ’12 Years A Slave’ Up To An October 18 Platform Bow

Third Suspect In Aaron Hernandez Case Arrested In Florida

Mayor Bloomberg Unloads On ‘Stop And Frisk’ Opponents: Whites Stopped ‘Too Much’ And ‘Minorities Too Little’

Texas Woman Indicted, Allegedly Sent Poison Letter To Obama

Feds Seek To Seize Homes Of Jesse Jackson Jr. And Wife

Edward Snowden’s Father Offers Deal In Letter To Attorney General Eric Holder

Witness: Trayvon Martin Was On Top Of Zimmerman And ‘Punches Were Being Thrown’

NBC NEWS: Edward Snowden’s Father Says My Son Is Not A Traitor (VIDEO)

Dramatic Video Shows Suspect Firing Gun At TV Crew (VIDEO)

Justice Department Targets General In Leak Probe

What Obama Really Saw At The ‘Door Of No Return,’ A Disputed Memorial To The Slave Trade

Rep. Hank Johnson: Clarence Thomas ‘Worse’ Than Edward Snowden For Gutting Voting Rights Act

Pres. Obama Travels To South Africa As Mandela’s Condition Worsens

Paula Deen Book Sales Surge Following Controversy

Lance Armstrong: ‘Impossible’ To Win Tour de France Without Doping

Virginia Jail Holds Father-Daughter Dance For Prisoners (VIDEO)

Celtics-Nets Trade Trumps NBA Draft (VIDEO)

Are Credit Cards Making You Dumber, Fatter & Poor?

QVC Latest Company To Drop Paula Deen After Controversy

Rand Paul Filibusters John Brennan Nomination (VIDEO)

Stewart Mocks Opposition To Voting Rights Act: Why Not Go Back To ‘Discriminating First, Stopping It Later?’ (VIDEO)

New Hampshire Bill Would Posthumously Free Slaves