Archers Beach Diary

Photos from a town that's almost real. Archers Beach, Maine, owes its existence to five coastal Maine locations: Old Orchard Beach, Kinney Shore, Ocean Park, Camp Ellis and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Sanctuary. I've been commissioned to write two more books (sequels to 2010's Carousel Tides; titles Carousel Sun and Carousel Seas) in this setting. In September 2012, I worked on-site at Old Orchard Beach, taking pictures and writing. More info here:
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two surfers are riding the waves in front of an island with a light house
Wood Island Light from Kate Archer's "summer parlor." No, really. Look close. July 24, 2013
many people are on the beach and in the water at this point, there is no image here to provide a caption for
From the Pier -- Googin Rock, senior and junior. Yep, the tide was OUT. July 23, 2013
the full moon shines brightly in the dark night sky over a grassy field and body of water
Full moon on the water, July 23, 2013
many people are on the beach and in the water
Again, the full and noisy beach. July 24, 2013
many people are on the beach and in the water at an amusement park or carnival
The reason I wanted to go to OOB in July was because Carousel Seas is set in High Season -- July and August -- and I wanted to be sure I'd gotten it right before I handed in the book. I'd forgotten the *noise*... July 24, 2013
the lights on the buildings are green and white
Pier entrance, with kite. I'll just note that it was much darker than this when the picture was taken, but my camera helpfully lightened things up for me. July 24, 2013
a ferris wheel sitting on top of a wooden fence
Back of the park, with power line. July 24, 2013
a ferris wheel sitting on top of a wooden fence next to a building at dusk
Twilight wheel from the beach. July 24, 2013
a ferris wheel lit up at night with cars parked in the foreground and people walking on the sidewalk
The ferris wheel at night, from the parking lot of the Whaler. July 24, 2013.
an amusement park ride at night with people riding on the roller coaster and umbrellas
Speaking of the Galaxi. . .July 24, 2013
an amusement park at night with people riding on rides and carnival rides in the background
Dancing Dragons, with Galaxi in background. July 24, 2013
an amusement park ride with a dragon head on it
Orient Express lead car. July 23, 2013
people are standing in front of an elaborately decorated entrance to a carnival at night
In Archers Beach, Mr. Ignat' is owner-operator of a mini-coaster called Keltic Knot. This is its real-life counterpart, Orient Express. July 24, 2013.
there is a clock that is on the side of a building next to a fence
Close-up of the organ. July 23, 2013
an old fashioned musical instrument is on display
The band organ; mouldering. Back 24 years, when I first visited Old Orchard Beach, there was a wooden carousel on the site of the current fiberglass machine; the music was provided by this band organ. The carousel (PTC #19, for enthusiasts) has since been returned to Euclid Park in Cleveland; but the band organ remains. In Archers Beach, the carousel is an original, carved by Kate Archer's grand-uncle; the music is provided by an orchestrion, which plays violano paper rolls.