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the last resort by rolynn anderson is shown in front of a lake with a helicopter flying over it
My first novel, published in 2011 with a brand new cover and a spit-polished story! She's a corporate fixer trying to pull a B.C. fishing resort out of the red. Mystery, suspense, and romance in an exotic setting!
the book cover for when oceans rage by rolyn anderson, featuring a boat in rough waters
Another exciting Woman at the Helm Mystery! When Oceans Rage comes out in early 2020. Watch for it!
the book cover for when mountains fall, featuring a boat in front of a mountain
My 10th Novel! A story of my heart from my boating days! Stupendous challenges for a widow and her son on a floating marina in B.C. Mystery, suspense, romance!
a book cover with the title fire is nice, and an image of a large tree in
Sequoia National Park is the setting where park rangers struggle to save treasures from poachers. Mystery, suspense and romance all the way!
there is a book cover for bad lies
Italy’s haunted caves spell danger to an American golfer and a NATO geologist
the cover of cezanne's ghost by rolyn anderson, with trees and mountains in the background
Three American tourists disappear in France. Romantic Suspense!
a book cover with a spider web in the middle and mountains in the back ground
a book cover with trees and water covered in snow, the title reads fairt
HOME | rolynnanderson
Small-town boutique funeral planning morphs into crime-solving led by a freelance embalmer and a blind, forensic investigator.
an oil painting of a woman in a blue shirt and green collared shirt, looking to the left
Portrait of Madame Cezanne, c.1890 - Paul Cezanne -
Portrait of Madame Cezanne - Paul Cezanne
a painting of a woman's head with her eyes closed and hair pulled back
Paul Cézanne - Portrait of Madame Cezanne
a woman standing in front of a piano with her back turned to the camera,
HOME | rolynnanderson
A boutique funeral planner, her muck-racking journalist lover, an embalmer and a blind forensic investigator, along with their tribe of friends and a service dog, form a quirky detective agency, exposing secrets of the dead.
a person holding sand in their hands with the words fear land written on top of it
HOME | rolynnanderson
A psychiatrist’s attempt to help a soldier and his son struggling with shades of anxiety, puts them all on a collision course with corrupt, revengeful foes.
the cover of swoon by rolynn anderson, featuring an open trunk in the water
HOME | rolynnanderson
FADEOUT “Rolynn Anderson develops her characters and relationships beautifully, deftly painting Jan's interactions with Roman, her dad, Bella, Frank, even the terrier Elwood to delightful perfection, making this a great read and a 5 star rating!” -InD’Tale Magazine