Roma Kazlou
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Hidden TV

In Devon's Master Bedroom, there will be a hidden TV behind the artwork. As a matter of fact, all TV's will be hidden in Devon's Dream House. Hidden TV: Great for Tiny Homes?

Hidden paper towel roller. Wish I had thought of this for laundry room

Paper towel dispenser and shelf. I think this is my favorite paper towel dispenser idea! Paper towel dispenser, great for kitchen, bathroom and over utility sink in laundry room. Comes in white, black, and brown. Love it for a guest bathroom.

Hidden bed

An idea for an extra room in my dream home? Books, a reading nook, a pull out bed. What else do you need?ideas for a guest room or even a kids room!

hidden storage

Small appliance storage solutions is one of most ideas for kitchen decoration. Small appliance storage solutions will enhance your kitchen's cabinets. This small appliance storage solutions .

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I don't even know...

This kid eating pizza with chopsticks. You can't mix cultures- Eat Chinese/Japanese food with chopsticks like they do and eat Italian food with. your hands. Have I been eating spaghetti wrong?

Hollywood House / wHY Architecture

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These window/doors slide down to create a deck. But what a cool idea for a tiny house. Outside-the-box design how these doors fold down to create a deck level with the interior of the house!