DIY Stamp

I like this idea for making a custom stamp. Cutting craft foam to a shape and gluing it on a block sounds a lot easier than carving a pattern in an eraser.(using this to paint a design on cohens wall!

DIY: Carve wine corks into pretty stamps!

Are you looking for a unique DIY Gift Idea? These DIY wine cork stamps from Design Mom are the perfect up-cycling and gift giving opportunity all rolled into one fun tutorial! These wine cork stamps make the perfect end

Geometric Triangles Rubber Stamps - Set of 4

Designed and carved all by hand, I present to you this Geometric Triangles Rubber Stamp Set. This is a set of 4 versatile stamps which look great on

Buenísima idea: Carcasas de CD para guardar los clear stamps, tenerlos organizados y cuidados

Organize clear rubber stamps in CD cases - papercraft crafting supply organization: Handy Stamp Storage Idea, craft storage, organize -

GEOMETRIC rubber stamp set. hand carved rubber stamp - handmade jornaling rubber stamp -set of 4 - no2. $28.00, via Etsy.

GEOMETRIC hand carved rubber stamp - handmade jornaling rubber stamp -set of

layer the same stamps over and over. geometric hand carved rubber stamp. chevron handmade rubber stamp. set of 5.. $10.00, via Etsy.

cooking labels hand carved rubber stamp handmade by talktothesun hand carved camera stamp! handmade rubber stamp hand carved rubber stamp f.