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Peaceful, beautiful, relaxing places to be

Making me smile, relax as I look at these places. Inspiring me to utilize my spaces best. Calm, serene, clean, organized, peaceful, pleasant then it's here.
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There’s a place in Ireland where every 2 years, the stars line up with this trail on June 10th-June 18th. It’s called the Heaven’s Trail. Amazing. Looks like yo walk right into heaven...

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You know, just your garden variety quaint little vacation home. I swear Id start home-schooling the boys if we lived here so wed never have to leave (and everyone knows how much I want to be a homeschool mom, which is about as much as I want ebola virus).

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The Prayer Chair

The Prayer Chair - why spending a pocket of time with God each day is critical to our success as moms.

Ladies.. If you do not have a Prayer Corner, or quiet place you like to meet with the Lord,, Here are some tips on how to make one. You can do it with only what you have in your home.. So let create your corner..

Tintern Abbey actually the backdrop for the next generations stories- Kim will be replaced by ? Ken?