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an old cemetery with many graves and flags on the grass in front of it, surrounded by trees
Neoclassical Custom Family Mausoleum Design Style
A Greek Neoclassical style private family mausoleum designed by Rome Monument mausoleum architects, Vince and John Dioguardi, is the Pappan family mausoleum. Neoclassical architecture is characterized by grandeur of scale, simplicity of geometric forms, Greek—especially Doric (see order)—or Roman detail, dramatic use of columns, and a preference for blank walls. The Pantheon in Paris is an example of this architectural style, which began in the mid-18th century in Italy and France.
an american flag is placed in front of a grave yard with several headstones on it
Custom Chapel Mausoleum Design Style For 9 Caskets
Pictured here is a 9 crypt chapel style private estate mausoleum built for the Dioguardi family. This classical style mausoleum is a small and intimate structure that encloses 9 burial chambers (crypts) for 9 caskets. It looks like a small church. The custom private mausoleum design features a steeply pitched gable style roof. Pictured here is a rear view showing where the 9 caskets are inserted. Rome Monument designed and constructed it and installed it in the Beaver Cemetery in Pennsylvania.
an image of a cemetery with information about it
Small Private Walk-In Style Custom Mausoleum Design
Small private walk-in style custom mausoleum design. This mausoleum design style features 2 custom designed bronze doors, 2 personalized bronze wreathes, gable style roof, 2 ceramic sports car pictures on the front face of the mausoleum and custom granite engravings. Price: $121.787.00 plus foundation, delivery (US only), installation costs and applicable cemetery fees. This artistic rendering and architectural drawing was created by a Rome Monument company mausoleum designer, Vince Dioguardi.
a wooden box sitting in the middle of a grass covered cemetery with headstones and names on it
4 Casket Mausoleum Design & 4 Custom Engraved Scenes
4 casket mausoleum custom designed with 4 etched and engraved scenes of angels, bible, sports car, beach, heart and 2 ceramic pictures of family members. Private 4 crypt style mausoleum for sale for 4 traditional full-body casket burials and built with Wild Rose polished granite. Above Ground Burial Monument Price: $40,000 plus costs for foundation, delivery (US only), installation and cemetery fees. Call 724-770-0100 or email to order this custom mausoleum design style.
How Mausoleums Are Built With Custom Sculptures, Statues & Columns
Chapter 11 of The Essential Buyers’ Guide to Private Family Mausoleums shows you how mausoleums are designed and built with custom sculptures, statues and columns. These features let families customize their mausoleum to their liking. Vince Dioguardi is the primary mausoleum designer, architect, engineer and construction project manager (CM) for the national mausoleum company, Rome Monument. To learn more, call Vince at 724-770-0100. #mausoleumsculptures #mausoleumstatues #mausoleumcolumns
How To Buy Your Mausoleum Pre-Need In Advance Of a Family Member's Passing
Learn about a pre-need mausoleum purchase - how to plan, buy and build your custom family mausoleum and how to buy your cemetery plots & land. When ordering a mausoleum pre-need, you pre-design, pre-plan and pre-pay for a monument prior to a passing and according to everyone’s wishes. Call Vince Dioguardi at Rome Monument at 724-770-0100, or email him at to learn more about pre-need purchasing. Vince Dioguardi is the primary mausoleum designer for Rome Monument.
Costs of Walk-In & Non Walk-In Mausoleums
Call Vince Dioguardi at Rome Monument at 724-770-0100, or email him at to learn more about walk-in and non-walk-in private family mausoleum prices. Walk-In Mausoleums have a working door that allows family members to visit the deceased in comfort year round. Non Walk-In Mausoleums are ground level vaults, Garden Mausoleums, or Estate Mausoleum Buildings with no working door. Vince Dioguardi is the primary mausoleum designer, architect, and engineer for Rome Monument.
Why Mausoleums Are Preferred Over In-Ground Burials
Call Vince Dioguardi at Rome Monument at 724-770-0100, or email him at to learn more about the many benefits of private family mausoleums. Mausoleums are above-ground structures that hold the crypts of niches of family members. For that reason, they are better suited to areas of high rainfall than below ground graves. Walk-in Mausoleums allow you to display artwork and artifacts of family members and to visit in comfort any time of year. #mausoleumdesign #mausoleums
Mausoleum Architectural Design Style Guide
Learn About Mausoleum Architectural Styles, including: Classical Greek And Roman with Balanced Proportions, Neoclassical with Columns & Pediments, Romanesque with Semicircular Arches, Gothic with Pointed Arches & Spires, Baroque with Curved Lines, Asian with Pagoda Roofs, Egyptian with Sphinxes, Statues, Pyramids & Funerary Art, Islamic Style with Dome Tops, Ornamentation, Family & Private Mausoleum Styles, Bronze Doors, Accessories, Plaques, Call 724-770-0100 for a Mausoleum Design Consultation
an architectural drawing of the private family estate museum, with details labeled in black and white
Mausoleum Design Regulations And Construction Standards
Step-By-Step Mausoleum Construction Process For Designing And Building A Private Style Mausoleum Or An Above-Ground Entombment. High Quality Mausoleum Design And Construction Overview. Watch Rome Monument Install A 2 Crypt Mausoleum In A Cemetery. Watch Rome Monument Build A Private Family Mausoleum. Private Mausoleum Design Options, Builders And Prices. How To Design, Plan And Build Your Family Mausoleum. Rome Monument Mausoleum Design, Construction And Installation Company. March 2023.