State project: Can be completed with current event in that state on topic related to what we are discussing in class.

educationjourney: Great Explorations

state journal page.pdf

state journal page.pdf - Google Drive

Simple Science Activities, Earth Cookies

Simple Science Activities, Earth Cookies

Students construct the layers of the Earth (inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust) using an Oreo, some chocolate syrup, and a small candy piece. This is such an exciting activity to use when teaching a lesson on the layers of the Earth.

Beakers and Bumblebees: A yummy Model!

types of clouds activity with cotton balls

the tattooed teacher: five for friday-Only 5 more to go!!

Cotton ball clouds for a weather unit. Science craft for kids.

Primary Punch: What's been happening in our classroom lately?

Solids and Liquids Part 2: Making Oobleck

Cinnamon's Synonyms: Solids and Liquids Part 2: Making Oobleck

Persuasive writing. The student explains why he or she should be elected for president. Great activity to celebrate President's Day.

The First Grade Sweet Life

Oh now this is a fun twist on this experiment!

Kindergarten xylem water movement demonstation with napa cabbage and dyed water - 1

This would be cute to do with the kids, instead of grass, maybe a useful herb?

Egg Buddies

Cute use for Wheatgrass... plant wheatgrass in a cup, take a silly picture of your kid, print it out, tape it to the cup. Now it looks like crazy hair. Image from

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Grass Heads * are like Chia Pets and a fun way to teach Cubs about growing seeds. This site has a lot of Blue & Gold Ideas, Tracking Sheets & lots of other great Cub Scout Ideas compliments of Akelas Council Cub Scout Leader Training. Utah National Parks Council has planned this exciting 4 1/2 day Cub Scout Leader Training like Woodbadge that covers Cub Scout Info, den doodles, yells, skits, Outdoor Webelos Experience & much more.

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Presidential Paint Stick Timelines. Kids decide which president did what and when by putting the milestones in order on a velcro-covered paint stir stick.

Presidential Paint Stick Timelines

Super Strong Snow Slime Recipe: this snow slime has the coolest texture! Strong, stretchy, and almost puffy, it can be anything from an iceberg to a snowdrift to a skating rink!

Super Strong Snow Slime Recipe - Epic Fun for Kids

Flubber Recipe by Jaimie Knudson

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Ice Cream In a Bag. Check out this blog post for the ingredients and the directions to make this perfect last week of school treat.

Ice Cream in a Bag: A Perfect End of Year Activity

Engineering inquiry and cooperative group work...check out this FUN science activity--and the freebie to help you do it!

Learning, Thinking, Creating: Engineering inquiry and cooperative group work

Grow your own Christmas Tree with this fun Christmas Tree Science Experiment!

Christmas Tree Science - We Made That

This is a really yummy way to teach Matter, teaching matter with root beer floats! Love it....Common Core & So Much More!

Teaching Matter with Root Beer Floats! - Bloglovin

animal report template | Making Lemonade in Second Grade: Animal Diorama-rama and a FREEBIE!

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Common Core Animal Research Graphic Organizer

Common Core Animal Research Graphic Organizer | K-5 Computer Lab

a year of many firsts: Earth Day Fun!

a year of many firsts: Earth Day Fun!

Easy Earth Day Craft with Coffee Filter #earthday #teaching #kidcrafts

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FREE lift-the-flap Earth template printable. Perfect to use for Earth Day or in a study of the solar system.

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VERY cool lesson on how the 3 different types of rocks are formed! I wish I could pin the You Tube video with the chef demonstrating. Via: 2nd Grade Shenanigans: The ROCK Buffet

2nd Grade Shenanigans: The ROCK Buffet